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Cooking Safety

A lot has been in recent times about proper and thorough cooking. To clarify matters. Ecoli 0157 is a new strain of bacteria. It can be present on the surface of meat. If you are therefore having a rare steak any bacteria on the surface will be killed by the temperature, when searing the meat. The same holds true for a solid meat joint.

Sausages, burgers, steakettes, grillsticks and the like, are however manufactured and as such the meat has been minced, so any bacteria that was present on the surface of the meat will be distributed through the whole product. It is for this reason that sausages, burgers etc. must be cooked fully and thoroughly

For the above reasons, in your fridge raw meat should be stored below any other raw or ready to eat products so that any juices from the meat cannot come into contact with items which will be eaten straight from the fridge.

Washing of hands, surfaces and utensils should be thorough for the same reasons.

The above points are for information and should not deter you from enjoying meat. It was felt by us that, if the you the customer was aware of the hazards you would be in a better position to deal with them.

Incidentally, fridges should run below 5°C and freezers below -18°C


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